KRSNA Engineering Works

Krsna Hosiery Terry Towel Processing Machinery

The machine is essentially built on a steel frame with insulation panels containing mineral wool.


Krsna Woven Fabric Processing Machinery

Wahing performance is a result of fabric type, water quality, water flow, production speed, liquor exchance rate amd temprature.


“Krsna Engineering Works is an India based Manufacturer of Textile Processing Machinery like Hosiery Dyeing Machinery and Soft Flow Dyeing Machinery. We are manufacturer of Textile Processing Machinery for Wovern, Hosiery and Terry Towel Industries.”

Who we are

The pioneering efforts made by Mr. M.D. Shah in manufacturing the Soft Flow Dyeing Machine and the proven results of the same in terms of huge savings in Energy as well as in minimizing Effluent Problems have been recognized by the Govt. of India.

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