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Krsna Woven Fabric Processing Machinery
Krsna Long tube Soft Flow Jet
Krsna Jigger Dyeing Machine
Krsna Pad Batch Dyeing
Krsna Pad Batch Bleaching
Krsna Open Width Bleaching Range
Krsna Single Stage Bleaching J Box Range
Krsna Mini Washer for Digital Print Fabrics
Krsna Open Width Print Washer
Krsna Open/Rope Washing Range
Krsna Open Width Washing Range Suitable For Silicate Padded Cloth
Krsna Buoyant Roll Mercerizer
Krsna Vertical Yarn/Package Dyeing Machine
Krsna Hosiery Terry Towel Processing Machinery
Krsna Buoyant Roll Mercerizer
Krsna offers this Articulately Made BYUOUT Roll MERCERISER is ideal machine to Impart Luster / Absorbency /Dimension Stability to Fabric The Fabric passes through Caustic Tank having BUYONT Roll in Bottom &Fix Free Moving Roller Pressure Excreted in between the passage imparts Mercerization Effect.
Krsna offers Merceriser with Module Type Structure Available from 1200mm t0 3200 Mm working width Fabric With Without Caustic Recovery
Salient Feature
  • Excellent Mercerising efficiency.
  • Extremely sturdy constructaion
  • Quite running
  • Low energy construction
  • Ease of operation
  • Maximum contribution to environmental issues
  • Prepared for automation
  • Low maintenance requirement
  • Quick and simple installation.
  • Guarantees crease free cloth Movement.
Drawing of Product
Drawing of Product
Drawing of Product
Drawing of Product
Drawing of Product
Drawing of Product