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Woven Fabric Processing Machinery

Krsna Woven Fabric Processing Machinery
Krsna Long tube Soft Flow Jet
Krsna Jigger Dyeing Machine
Krsna Pad Batch Dyeing
Krsna Pad Batch Bleaching
Krsna Open Width Bleaching Range
Krsna Single Stage Bleaching J Box Range
Krsna Mini Washer for Digital Print Fabrics
Krsna Open Width Print Washer
Krsna Open/Rope Washing Range
Krsna Open Width Washing Range Suitable For Silicate Padded Cloth
Krsna Buoyant Roll Mercerizer
Krsna Vertical Yarn/Package Dyeing Machine
Krsna Hosiery Terry Towel Processing Machinery
Krsna Open/Rope Washing Range
We are pleased to inform you we have develop Washing Ranges suitable for washing all kind of Fabric. Krsna Washing Range can be customize for individual customer to process any kind of Woven , Loosely Woven, Terry Fabric, Knits Cotton, Rayon, Polyester, Nylon or Wool Fabric.
  • Washing of Printed Fabric( Reactive ,Vat , Disperse Printed )
  • Washing of Pad Dye Fabric.
  • Washing of Mercerized Fabric
  • Washing for Scouring Fabric & relaxing wool fabric
Rope Form & Open Width form
Krsna Continuous Rope Washing Range:
Krsna Continuous Rope Washing Range is design specially for Tensionless Washing of Woven ,Knits, Terry & other SURFACE Sensitive Fabric. The Rope washing In combination With OPEN WIDTH WASHING RANGE also gives GOOD RESULT in WASHING OF PRINTED FABRIC. It can ECONOMISE to suite small & Medium scale processors
Krsna Washing Range,
  • Guaranteed Uniform Performance
  • Excellent washing efficiency.
  • Extremely sturdy construction
  • Smooth running/Easy Operation
  • Low energy construction
  • Maximum contribution to environmental issues
  • A/C Inverter Drive With PlcContol System
  • Low maintenance requirement
  • Guarantees crease free cloth transport.
Krsna offer UNIVERSAL WASHING RANGE suitable for
Washing Printed Cotton Synthetics Woven Loosely Woven, Pile/ Knits, Terry or Pile Fabric. Krsna Washing Range is ideal washing range for Washing Printed (Reactive- Vat or Disperes) Washing of Dyed Fabric/ Washing of Desize Fabric
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